Summer 2019 Favorites


Hello there! Did you miss me? Because I certainly did! 🥰 Let me share with you my favorite things this summer! 🌴🌊☀️

Favorite Playlists: Soulful Disco and Donna Summer

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Lately I’ve been super into disco music that I find myself listening to it at work or as my running playlist at the gym. I am mostly enjoying Donna Summer’s music especially her songs: McArthur Park, Hot Stuff, and Love to Love You Baby. Disco is definitely a timeless music genre and it definitely gives you good vibes especially on sunny days in the summer. 😎 😍

You can check out these playlists in Spotify: Soulful Disco and This is: Donna Summer.

Favorite Documentary Series: Refinery29’s Style Out There and Shady

My favorite after work hobby is watching random YouTube videos. 😛 During my random video watching, I happen to stumble upon the YT channel of Refinery29 and I was able to unearth interesting and very informative documentaries about women and pop culture. Among my favorites are: Style Out There, where it talks about fashion style and subcultures; and also Shady, a documentary series that tackles  dark and negative side of beauty industry.

If you enjoy watching documentaries like these, I recommend that you watch the following: Japanese Cholas and Cultural Appropriation, Afrofuturism Fashion, Child Labor and Ghost Mines on Mica, and Skin Whitening in the Philippines.

Favorite Bag: Ikonik Shopper Bag by Karl Lagerfeld

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 7.29.39 PM

I’ve been eyeing this Ikonik Shopper Bag since earlier this year and I was able to purchase one recently when Zalora was on sale. Yay! 🤩 I’ve been looking for a bag that I can use for work and I want it in black leather, not too serious, and something that would really define my personality. The moment I found this bag with a cute caricature of Karl Lagerfeld and his cat Choupette, I instantly fell in love with it! Best purchase so far for this year. 🥰

Favorite Footwear: Slides and Sandals

From left: Double-Strap Jelly Slides from Forever21 and Arizona EVA Sandals from Birkenstock

Due to the humid and warm weather in Manila I’m also lately into slip-ons and sandals. I initially bought the red jelly slide sandal from Forever 21 because I find it so cute on my feet. 😍😋 Weeks after, I find myself trying the EVA sandals from Birkenstock because it’s super lightweight and I love the feel and grip whenever I walk around. 🤗


And there you have it! What are your favorites this summer? Let me know in the comments below! 😘


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