Netflix and Chill: Riverdale Season 2


The 2nd season of Riverdale has been a recent guilty pleasure of mine. LOL. 😅 😆 Let me tell you why.

Last year I posted about my thoughts on the 1st season of this show. I was super thrilled that they instantly released the 2nd season later in 2017. And probably because of the sudden fame and the hype, they even extended the episodes this season. That being said, the recent season had more mysteries and plot twists.


I might be sharing some juicy parts from this season. As early as now, be warned of spoilers!


What I like about Riverdale Season 2:

  • The Black Hood story arc was the main plot this season. I like how the writers shifted from last season’s murder mystery to a chilling serial killer roaming around Riverdale. His presence in the series evolved the main characters’ background and story line.
  • I like how the writers continued the missing pieces from the 1st season, such as the dark past and secrets of the Coopers, the power and wealth of the Blossoms and Lodges, and the background and history of Riverdale and its people. These revelations paved way to more story lines in the next seasons to come.
  • Lastly, I still ship Jughead x Betty! I actually love them more compared to Archie x Veronica. #SorryNotSorry


What I don’t like about Riverdale Season 2:

  • I might get hated for this but I still don’t like Archie’s character in this series. I find him too tentative and tends to switch sides easily.
  • The first half of the series focused on the Black Hood and then it shifted to Hiram Lodge’s dirty mob business. I actually got annoyed with the mob story arc part this season.
  • The last 2 episodes this season were a total chaos. I actually got confused because a lot of characters suddenly showed up with a scheme or vengeance of sort. It was super weird for me.


Nonetheless, this show has been a guilty please of mine despite of its teenage drama, too much romance steaminess, and unbelievable mysteries. Haha! 🤣 Do you watch Riverdale as well? Let me know in the comments below! Until then xoxo.


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3 thoughts on “Netflix and Chill: Riverdale Season 2”

  1. I have yet to catch up with Riverdale’s second season. I think I’m behind five episodes.
    I really loved the first season (also wrote about it on my blog haha), however, the second season I think was somehow full of fan service lol (I’m not prude but I didn’t like the Betty stripping scene, though Lili’s voice was great.)
    I’m also a big Bughead fan! Don’t worry, it’s not just you, everybody hates Archie too lmao
    I’m hoping the last few episodes are great, thanks for not spoiling! haha



  2. Great article! I am too, a big fan of Riverdale! I have to admit though, I liked season two but not nearly as much as season one. Season one was nearly perfect and the story lines on occasion in season two felt all over the place at times. With that being said, Riverdale is still very much a great series with interesting characters and I loved that they made a musical episode. I’m very much a theater nerd as well as a TV nerd, so I love it anytime when musicals take place in a TV show.


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