Spring Season in Japan (Tokyo x Hiroshima)


This is a super late post! So sorry 😵😵 A lot of things are happening in the real world that it totally slipped my mind that I haven’t post our trip to Japan last March!

Anyway, better late than never! Here you go! 😍 😘

As the saying goes, “third time’s a charm.” This was my 3rd time visiting my sister in Japan and what I love about this trip is that we get to visit the country during the spring season. 💕 What’s more special is that we visited Japan when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. 🌸🌸🌸 It was super lovely! 😍



Tokyo will always be my favorite city. For someone who’s been in the city for three times now, most of our travel agenda went on shopping and binging ourselves on food. We visited Yoyogi Park when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and it was fun watching the locals setting up lunch picnics or what they call “hanami.” Everyone was in festive mood and appreciating the beauty of cherry blossoms or “sakura” trees.


Another special moment in this trip is that we’ve decided to visit Hiroshima. It’s the western part of Japan and we’ve decided to take an overnight bus going to another prefecture. Our first stop, Miyajima island!



Miyajima island is famous for the floating “torii” gate, or otherwise known as Itsukushima Shrine. It’s a majestic gate pillar that floats in the sea when the water rises.


Also, Miyajima island is known for cute deers along the walking trail! Kawaii~!



Our next stop in Hiroshima was the city proper itself. Hiroshima is totally different compared to Tokyo. The city is quiet, not so much fast paced, and perfect for families and elderlies who want to stay away from the busy hustle of a mega city. I like how they maintained the vintage cable cars and the old structures. The look and feel of Hiroshima is truly nostalgic.




Our last stop in HIroshima before we headed back to Tokyo was the Peace Memorial Park. In this place is where Japan remembers their fate during World War II.




I totally enjoyed our visit in Hiroshima! After our visit to western Japan I suddenly look forward to visit other prefectures next time! 🇯🇵

I also enjoyed visiting Japan in spring time. The flowers are in full bloom and the weather is lovely. It’s usually warm and sunny in the afternoons but the temperature drops in the evening. The change of weather wasn’t that drastic because summer was about to begin when we left Manila last March.



There you have it! I’m sharing with you as well a quick vlog that I took from our trip. Hope you enjoy this video! Have you been to Japan during spring time? Let me know in the comments below! Until then! xoxo


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