#FOTD feat. BLK Cosmetics


Its been a while since a posted a #FOTD look. This time, I’ll be sharing with you folks my take on BLK Cosmetics. 🦄

What is BLK Cosmetics?

If you’re from Manila like me, you’ve probably heard of this new local cosmetics brand. BLK Cosmetics is a new makeup line and it’s created by celebrity Anne Curtis. From what I’ve heard, this brand is somehow related to Happy Skin since they have the same owners.

If you go to the official website of BLK Cosmetics, they are currently offering makeup products for eyes, face, and lips. 😍

For this post, I made two #FOTD using BLK Cosmetics. I made this look when I was in Vigan for my birthday. 🙂

#FOTD Number 1: Red and Bold

I made this #FOTD look on the day of my birthday. I thought of using BLK Cosmetic’s Long-Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick in Bold on my lips. For my face, I used the Contour, Blush, & Highlight Palette in Sunkissed.

What I like about this look is that the colors are well complimented. Using a red lippie on my 30th birthday is exactly what I wanted. This makeup look certainly signifies bold and bravery. ❤️


#FOTD Number 2: Coral and Chic

For my 2nd makeup look, I used the All Day Intense Matte Lipstick in Chic. We were about to go back to Manila when I used this lipstick so I wanted a lippie that will last on my lips longer. At the same time, I wanted a toned down look compared to the previous red lippie makeup look that I had. 💕

I still used the same face palette for contour, blush, and highlight. The Sunkissed palette is perfect for medium/morena skin toned Filipinas like me!


The Verdict

Overall, BLK Cosmetics is a refreshing local beauty brand. I like that it promises Uncomplicated Beauty for Filipinas. Their brand image makes it simple for women to appreciate and love makeup. And for that, I applaud the people who are behind this brand. 👏🏼

I appreciate the simplicity and sleekness of their product packaging. In terms of color selection, I like how its straight forward: they used browns, corals, red, and rose shades. These shades really compliment the skin tones of Filipinas. 👩🏽

Here are my specific reviews on each products that I used from BLK Cosmetics:

  • On using the face palette (contour, blush, and highlight): I like how pigmented the color is and the highlight really adds glow on my face. However, I find the palette too powdery. Also, the contour shade sets off a bit orange on my face when applied.
  • The liquid lippie is really long lasting! We went for a tour around Vigan City and the lip color stayed on my face for almost 5 hours. Although, the liquid lippie tends to crack and scrape off at the end of the day. A re-application and retouch is advised especially after 4 hours or in the middle of the day.
  • I like how matte their lipstick is. You can apply it on its own without the use of a lip primer. However, the lipstick tugs off a bit because of its matte formula. If you have very dry or chappy lips, I suggest that you exfoliate and moisturize using a balm or scrub in order to prep your lips.


And that’s it for my take on BLK Cosmetics! Have you tried their makeup as well? Let me know in the comments below! Until then, xoxo. 💄 💋

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