New Lippies from July to August 2017


Hello there! ❤ I kept on postponing this post but finally I have the time (plus the motivation) to put this in my blog. Ha! I’ve been meaning to post this last month but since I have a couple of new lippies that I’ve purchased from July to August I decided to combine them in one post. So, today I’ll be sharing with you a review and swatches of my new lippies! Let’s go!

Last July I posted about my favorite lippies in celebration of National Lipstick Day (NLD). There were tons of discounts and promos that time so I got tempted to buy and try out new lip products. At the same time, some brands launched their new lip products and I got the chance to buy a them at beauty stores.

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From left to right:

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Swatches (from bottom to top):

  • Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar is like a sheer gloss lippie with a hint of coral and red tone.
  • Dearberry Twinkle it Baby Lip Gloss is an outright gloss with a hint of pink and red shade.
  • Skin Genie Lip and Cheek Stain Alive is a lip stain and tint. The shade that I got is in deep red with a hint of brown in color.
  • Pink Sugar x Project Vanity These Lips Don’t Lie in Lip Crayon is a creamy matte colored lip balm. The shade that I got has a mix of coral and brown, which is perfect for a morena or medium skin tone girl like me.
  • Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick is same as with other matte liquid lippies. The shade that I got is a mix of coral and brown as well. Its a perfect MLBB shade for Filipinas.
  • Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick is also matte but has a metal finish. The shade that I got is brick red in color.
  • Careline Matte Liquid Lipstick is also same as with other matte liquid lippies. The shade Wall Flower has a mix of blue and grey tone.


And now we move on to the lip swatches!

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Tint Mint

I decided to purchase this Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar because of Lee Sung Kyung and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Lol! 😛 Sung Kyung’s Laneige ad made me buy it and I instantly asked my boyfriend to help me look for a tube. Unfortunately, when I went to the Laneige store last May it was out of stock. I had to sign up for a waitlist so that the sales lady will give me a heads up as soon they have it. I was able to get my hands on this lippie last July.

What I like about this lippie is that it lets you instantly achieve the lip ombre look. The shade that I got is in Tint Mint, and its one of the shades that Sung Kyung created in collaboration with Laneige. The two tones combined were mint and coral, a clear and a coral/red shade. This lippie is perfect for days you don’t want a heavy make up and its perfect for an everyday look or when you just need to step out of the house and add a bit of color in your lips. 🙂

Dearberry Twinkle It Baby Lip Gloss in No. 7 Milky Red

I’m never really a fan of lip gloss but this lippie is refreshing to have in my collection. This lip gloss is thick in formula and the Milky Red shade that I got perfectly gives an MLBB look in my face. I’ve used this before with NYX Lip Liner in Hot Red underneath. This lippie when mixed with a bold lip liner instantly gives a cherry red gloss lip look and perfect when you need a bold pop of color in your face.

Skin Genie Lip and Cheek Stain Alive in Merlot

This lippie is similar to a lip stain and tint. What I like about this product is that its in lip roller container, which I find it easy to apply on the lips. My only concern is that I find it difficult to build the color that I want on my lips. The color isn’t that much pigmented and it somehow builds a clump or defines my lip line. TBH, I still prefer the Watery Tint from The Face Shop over this one.

Pink Sugar x Project Vanity These Lips Don’t Lie Lip Crayon in Sorry Not Sorry

What I love about lip crayons is that I don’t need to prime my lips and it doesn’t leave a drying effect when I’m wearing it the whole day. This shade reminds me of one of my favorites, Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Sand Storm. This lip crayon is somehow a close dupe when applied on my lips. What I also like about this lippie is that its not an outright brown in color, it has a perfect mix of coral and nude which is perfect for my skin tone.

Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick in Siennas

I’m really happy that affordable drugstore beauty brands like Ever Bilena have upped their game. This new matte liquid lippie from EB is almost at par with mid range to high end matte liquid lipsticks. I like the shade Siennas and I feel that its wearable by most Filipinas like me. Its a perfect MLBB shade and can be worn everyday even at work. To add, this liquid lippie easily dries when applied and it does not leave a heavy or sticky feel.

Careline Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Live Wire 

The new Careline liquid lippie is a direct nod to the Colourpop lip craze. I don’t mind it at all and I’m happy that a local beauty brands like EB and Careline now have an affordable option to consumers when it comes to liquid lippies. This melted metallic lippie in Live Wire has a nice brick red shade. The metallic finish leveled up the entire lip look. Its very pigmented and easily builds up when applied. I’m glad that I now have an affordable and local option when it comes to liquid lippies. ❤

Careline Matte Liquid Lipstick in Wall Flower

Aside on the new lip products and rebranding of Careline, the shade Wall Flower got me more interested to try and buy one. This lippie reminds me of NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Stone Fox, which I was considering to buy. Good thing that Careline released an affordable and close dupe of Stone Fox. My only concern about this lippie is that it takes 2-3 coats to build an opaque color. At the same time, its quite patchy on the lips when applied. Nonetheless, this has a unique color and this shade is trendy nowadays.


There you have it! Hope you enjoy this long post! If you have lippies to recommend, feel free to comment below. Until then! xoxo

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2 thoughts on “New Lippies from July to August 2017”

    1. me too! I’m happy with the new Careline liquid lippie because they certainly are a game changer when it comes to affordable makeup products in PH. they Pink Sugar Sorry Not Sorry is my current fave! no regrets on buying that chubby lippie stick! ❤


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