Netflix and Chill: GLOW Season 1


I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix TV series lately and the recent one that I’ve finished was GLOW Season 1!

I found out about this TV series when I saw the trailer on Facebook. What got me interested were the combination of my favorite things: girl power, the 80s, and wrestling!

This show reminds me of  WWF Superstars. My brother and I were huge fans of that show when we were young. My favorite was Hulk Hogan. 😛


Moving on, GLOW is all about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It was a popular TV show back in the 80s where women get to wrestle and have colorful and playful characters in the ring. In the Netflix adaptation, it resembled how GLOW started in the 80s and it centers on the character of Ruth Wilder (aka Zoya the Destroya) played by actress Alison Brie.



Aside from Ruth, there were also other characters that were central on the story plot of season 1. Each women have specific characters and roles inside and outside the wrestling ring.


What I like about GLOW Season 1:

  • I’m totally biased when it comes to 80s movies and TV shows. GLOW was my instant favorite because of its production and setting.
  • The story plot was straight to the point and I like how the creators add in conflicts that puts glitter and spice to the show. ❤
  • I love how characters develop their story arc and relationships with one another from the onset of the episode until finale. Just like in real life, its hard for girls to get along on the start but eventually they developed a bond and respect with one another.
  • The soundtrack! ‘Nuff said.



IMHO I love this TV series and there’s NOTHING not to like about this. I haven’t seen Orange Is the New Black but I heard that if you’re a fan of it, you’ll get to like GLOW too! ❤

That’s it for now! Do share with me if you watch other Netflix series and feel free to recommend in the comment box below! 🙂


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