Review: Daiso Natural Beauty Eyelashes

daiso falsies

Weekends are meant for rest and leisure. โค Its been a while since I’ve played with my make up stash so I decided to take off my glasses last Saturday and use false eyelashes from Daiso!

I was skeptic before when it comes to Daiso cosmetics but when I saw beauty vloggers and people from Reddit rave about their beauty products, I decided to give in and test it myself. Daiso beauty products are hit or miss; which means, not all of their products are guaranteed “holy grail” and “worth it”. Nonetheless, its affordable and a good substitute especially when you don’t want to splurge much on beauty. You have to do your research (aka check beauty reviews, watch beauty vlogs, read testimonies, etc.) before you purchase any Daiso beauty product.

To help you decide whether you’ll dive in on Daiso beauty products or not, here’s my take on their false eyelashes. I bought this pair of Daiso Natural Beauty Eyelashes last Christmas 2016.


The first time I used Daiso false eyelashes was when my friend asked me to do her make up for their office year-end party last December. It was also my very first time to put onย  false eyelashes, because usually I have someone else to put in on for me (aka my sister and my other friend who’s an MUA, ha!). Good thing, Daiso false eyelashes are beginner friendly and easy to use.


There are lots of YouTube videos on how to put on false eyelashes. For starters, you can check these tutorials from NikkieTutorials and Jaclyn Hill. From personal experience, here are some tips that I can share when it comes to applying false eyelashes:

  1. Curl your real eyelashes before putting on your falsies. Curling your eyelashes will serve as an “anchor” when you put your falsies. When I do this trick, my real eyelashes easily blends with the falsies when I put them on.
  2. Be careful on applying the eyelash glue. Don’t put too much glue in your falsies. In my experience, it tends to clump when applied and at the same time it will be difficult to remove them especially when you made a mistake.
  3. Have a steady hand and be quick. This is a tricky part especially for me. I have shaky hands and I like to be in front of a fan when I apply on make up (hello, humid weather!). Eyelash glue tends to dry quickly so you need to be quick as possible and place your arm on a table so that you can have support when applying falsies.

Of course, practice makes purrfect! I was born lucky to have long eyelashes but it wouldn’t hurt to apply falsies from time to time so that I can master this skill. ๐Ÿ™‚

Moving on to the Daiso false eyelashes, here’s what it looks like when applied:



For this look, I decided to focus on my eye make up to pair with my falsies. And boy, the falsies are really flattering. I just love that it has the right amount of volume and curl: not too loud nor not too simple. Along with the Daiso falsies, I used the Etude House Play Color Eyes in Juice Bar which I reviewed in my previous post. I also added a pop of color in my lips using The Face Shop Watery Tint in #02 Coral.

To test the staying power of my falsies, I went outside to do some errands and I also attended a pop up beauty event in SM Makati. After 3 hours of going around the mall, here’s what it looks like:



The falsies didn’t wear off and its still in place. I used an eyelash glue which is also from Daiso. I can say that both products (falsies and glue) from Daiso are pretty decent and totally worth buying. And yes, both products are only Php 88.00 (standard Daiso PH price)! Totally a bang for the buck. โค

Overall, I’m happy with the Daiso false eyelashes. They have various length and style that you can try depending on your preference. Like what I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s beginner friendly and perfect for practicing your eyelash game. ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know if there are other Daiso beauty products that you want me to review. Do let me know as well if you’ve tried their falsies too! Until then. xoxo โค


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